10 Stylishly Monochromatic Thanksgiving Tables

When we think of Thanksgiving décor, we probably imagine sights tinged with the colors of Fall – browns, reds, golds, and deep oranges, to name a few. These warm colors are definitely evocative of the coziness of the approaching holidays. But they aren’t the end-all for Thanksgiving décor, particularly at the dining table. If you want a fresh take on the traditional feast, consider going the unexpected route.

Monochromatic Thanksgiving

Here are some beautiful tablescapes that did just that. Using one color for the foundation of their monochromatic table setting brings out visual interest in creative ways other than adding additional color. Maybe this is the year for you to try a monochromatic tabletop!

Corn table decor

The pale golden palette of this table setting emphasizes the simplicity of the natural world and the beauty of a few shiny metallic touches. Notice how texture plays a critical role in beautifying the monochromatic setting.

Fall table golden

A rustic farm table in lighter tones is a perfect setting for a tablescape au natural. Although, technically, there are three different colors here – green, brown, and white – the table reads as monochromatic because all the colors are of a similar muted and neutral tone.

Grown up halloween

You needn’t get caught up in keeping a monochromatic table setting to one specific color – the important thing is the feeling behind the tablescape. The pale lavender bits that supplement this creamy white setting, for example, don’t seem to be a separate color. Rather, they serve to emphasize the white table setting’s elegance and lovely precision.

Table setting thanksgiving

Nothing says “feast” like a long farm table with appetizer served and waiting. A simple line of chunky white candles is the perfect centerpiece for this lovely and warm-minimalist monochromatic table setting.

Natural thanksgiving

Usually, “natural” tones don’t count as a color, per se. This makes things like petrified wood and natural twine a wonderful way to boost the textural aesthetic of a monochromatic setting. These details also help to complement the dark, worn wood tabletop, which so charmingly holds the ivory items.
Wood table thanksgiving

If “linen” was a color, this tablescape would be called linen. Everything, from the ceramic pitcher to the simple dishware, from the Eames chairs to the small rose centerpiece, exudes a sense of chic style amid simplicity. A beautiful monochromatic space – even the walls, lighting, and artwork enhance the oneness of color tone here.

Natural fruits decor table
Deep Fall greens are at play on this tabletop, and the warmth of this vignette is lovely. Of course, Fall green is tinged with browns and golds, which makes the gourds and pinecones and even the wood-handled utensils perfectly at home in this setting.

White runner
Although some white runners are, I suppose, an added “color” to this otherwise monochromatic Thanksgiving table setting, they seem to serve more to highlight the various brown elements than to be recognized for themselves. This is actually a good way to showcase a dark color – in this case chocolate brown – on a monochromatic tablescape. What better way to observe the details of a mounted branch, nature pods, and brown dishware and linens.

Gold brown thanksgiving
I find the small bits of gold and brown in this tablescape charmingly authentic. Rather than have an entirely white tablescape, this one hints at the antique face of the pristine color, providing warmth and genuinity.

Orange thanksgiving table
What better way to add to the natural scheme of a wood dining set than to play with orange. Which, really, what is orange but a brighter, fresher tone of brown. If you’re lucky enough to live in a place where weather permits, this charming outdoor setup would be a perfect Thanksgiving feast venue.But however your tablescape turns out, it’s the love for family and friends that is the real beauty of the season. Happy Thanksgiving.