10 Splendid Contemporary Dining Room Design Ideas

The dining room started as a separate area but it eventually got merged with the living room and the two once distinct rooms became one. It’s the case of most contemporary dining areas. But whether it’s a separate room or not, the element that matters the most is the atmosphere you create in this space. There are lots of options to explore and it’s up to you to choose the one that better suits you and your home.

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This contemporary dining area, for example, is simple and dramatic at the same time. It features a teak-wood dining table with a black colored glass top. The table can accommodate up to six persons and has been combined with stylish and simple black chairs. The exposed brick accent wall is an interesting detail and it has been furnished with a bar unit.

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This dining room also has a contemporary design and it seems a little strange at first because of the colors and patterns. The floor is especially eye-catching and it complements beautifully the white walls and white dining table. The chandelier is also very interesting and it adds texture and chicness to the room. But the accent detail is represented by the chairs and benches.

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This is another chic and simple version of a contemporary dining area. As you can see, it’s not a separate room but it’s part of the open-plan living area. The dining table has a white top and a chrome-finished frame. The chairs share the same type of design as their bases also have chrome finishes and the seats are white.

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Even when you have a large and spacious contemporary home, sometimes a more traditional approach can be adopted. This expansive living area features floor-to-ceiling windows with exquisite views and it’s the perfect environment for a large dining table where all the family could gather. The dark-stained table and the white chairs with dark-stained bases complement each other beautifully and also result in a cohesive and well-balanced overall décor.

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Contemporary homes often feature minimalist interior decors and designs. In the case of this dining room, for example, the décor is very simple. The dining table has been placed in the center where it easily stands out and serves as a focal point. It’s simple and has a glass top that, in combination with the rest of the furniture, results in a continuous and harmonious look.

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Another characteristic of contemporary interiors is often the lack of symmetry and the preference for dramatic and eye-catching lines, designs and shapes. This dining room is actually quite simple but there are a few elements that make it stand out, such as the ceiling, the curvature of the wall and the symmetry created by the chairs.

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In the dining room it’s best to avoid white walls unless it’s a detail chosen on purpose to create a certain effect. Colored walls tend to break the monotony and they can easily make the atmosphere more pleasant and dynamic. This dining room features burgundy walls that also add a touch of drama to the décor. Similar shades have also been used throughout the space in the form of the chandelier of the curtains in the adjacent room.

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A very nice balance can be created if you opt for a combination of minimalist and bold elements. For example, this dining room is a great example. It has simple chairs with simple designs and structures but the table has an eye-catching, sculptural base. The walls are white and plaint but they are decorated with oversized artwork. Then there’s also the mirrored wall that add an extra point of interest while also creating the impression of a larger space.

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Since we were discussing contemporary homes that feature open floor plans, the next example illustrates this idea perfectly. It’s an expansive space that incorporates the dining area as well as the main living space and the kitchen. Even though there’s an overall continuous and cohesive décor, each area is visually delimitated.

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Sometimes the dining area is a part of the kitchen. This idea is especially great if the kitchen or the open plan living area has an adjacent terrace or a floor-to-ceiling window. You can place the dining table near the window thus creating a romantic and very beautiful décor and environment.

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