10 Must-Have Bathroom Accessories

Maybe you haven’t realized this, but the bathroom usually has lots of accessories. We’re talking about anything from soap jars to towel racks and furniture. Given the nature of this particular room and its function, these accessories must be, first of all, functional as there’s usually not much room for purely decorative objects.

Silver trays.

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A stylish silver tray can be used as both a decorative and practical accessory

The most common accessory is the mirror. It’s a must have for any bathroom, regardless of its size and design. Mirrors come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.They vary from small models to large ones, from round to square and hexagonal and they can sometimes also feature more unusual designs, meant to impress and to stand out.

Towel baskets.

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Towels baskets are very practical and they also give the bathroom a more inviting feel

Soap dispensers.

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A beautiful soap and lotion dispenser always adds a nice touch to a bathroom

Apothecary jars.

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Apothecary jars can be used for storing cotton balls or decorative items

Besides the mirror, there are also other important accessories in the bathroom. They include towel racks, shelves, jars, soap dispensers and light fixtures. These are the elements that usually give character to a bathroom and they are a wonderful opportunity to introduce color and style into this room.


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Mirrors come in all sorts of shapes and designs and you may combine them as you want

Side tables.

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In certain cases, a side table can be a wonderful addition next to the tub


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A mantle or a shelf is a beautiful feature, perfect for displaying and storing items


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Light is very important in any bathroom so choose the designs carefully

Towel rings.

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Strategically place a towel ring next to the washbasin for easy access


Candles decor
Candles give the bathroom an intimate and romantic look

Some bathrooms also feature more unusual accessories and accent features. They sometimes include fireplaces, mantles, unusual tubs and unique washbasins. There are also numerous other small details that can change the atmosphere and the décor, such as drawer pulls, knobs or the design of a faucet.

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