10 More Beautiful Kitchen Designs

The idea from the title is to suggest some more ideas for the kitchen design, not that these designs are more beautiful than the previous ones I talked about. These being clear, let’s proceed. The kitchen designs you can admire here present mostly large kitchens with enough space to do whatever you want there.

Attic apartment picture 41

So the tendency nowadays is to have a lot of space for a free movement, including the kitchen in this  trend. The modern kitchen has big cupboards that are both on the floor and also suspended on the walls and this leaves a lot of space around. All the kitchen tools and pots and everything you use in the kitchen – they are all very well deposited and secured behind closed doors, so you can’t see anything like you used to in grandma’s kitchen where the spoons and pans used to hang above the stove.

Bohemian apartment barcelona4

Small apartment homedit

There’s also complete order and cleanliness and nothing seems to be out of place. Maybe that’s because most of the times kitchen are only decorative as many people prefer to order their meals or dine out instead of cooking. Any way, take a look at these 10 more beautiful kitchen designs and see what is your favourite and how you can adjust the design to our house.

Penthouse by Ren%C3%A9 Desjardins3

Vasastan Apartment Two room

Traditional Swedish Apartment 12

Finnest loft4

Spacious modern apartment5

There is a beautiful kitchen all made in wood, including the walls, the furniture and the floor, then there’s the great design of a kitchen facing the glass walls to a great landscape outside, allowing you to cook and have dinner and admire nature – all at the same time. Then there’s the fully equipped kitchen with a totally white design only enhanced by the black table top and the colourful painting on the wall followed by a metal and wood combination.

Cozy apartment picture6

Reformadas36 7g

There’s the small kitchen design , all painted in white, with narrow wall shelves and a nice rectangular table/bar with modern stools that are a combination of kitchen and bar stools, the open kitchen that is continued with a living room and many, many more. You only have to discover each of them and enjoy their beauty and great ideas.