10 iPhone apps for the architect within you

Even though we occasionally have the tendency to still picture architects with a pen and paper and nothing more, the reality is that technological improvements have infiltrated basically all the fields. For example, we have here a selection of 10 apps that an architect would find very useful. Now you can use your iPhone at work too. Moreover, you don’t need to be a professional architect to take advantage of these apps. Feel free to try them all.

1. ColorSnap

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This app is useful to all of us, especially when we decide to renovate or redecorate our homes. It’s an app that allows you to capture the color from a photo or the real world and then convert it to paint color. This way you can personalize your home with your own choice of color and you can be almost certain there will none other like yours. Create your own color palette and share it on social media portals or with your friends.Found on iTunes.

2. CAD touchR2

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This app is a little more specialized and it’s something that architects, designers, engineers and carpenters would find very useful. It allows you to draw floor plans, to calculate perimeters and to create diagrams. When your drawing is done you can share it via e-mail.Found on iTunes.

3. Architect’s Formulator

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This is an app created specifically for architects. It contains more than 200 formulas that architects use and need. Some examples we can mention are Acoustics, Room Absorption, Reverberation Time-metric or Time-feet, Cantilever Vmax, Uniform Load Tree Spans, Weight of Fine Aggregate, Bricks Needed in 8, 12 or 16 inch wall, Design, Seating Capacity Area. You’re not expected to remember all these formulas by heart and it’s not even necessary to do that. You now have them all just one touch away.Available for 9.9$.

4. Colorcoat Prisma®

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Another interesting app is this one. It allows you to view the sample colors and specifications of the Colorcoat Prisma® colors and then order samples. You can also take a look and some of the finished buildings that used the same colors and see how the final result would be like. You can also check the palette of new color and read case studies charts. This app is free @ iTunes.

5. Architect Envi Deluxe

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Whenever you lack inspiration, take some from your idols in the field. This app gathers the world’s famous architects and offers high quality pictures of their best works. You’ll also find information about the architects themselves. It’s a nice source of inspiration and information for architects in formation or for any one of you.Available for 3.99$.

6. LEED Green Associate Flashcards

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As the name of the app suggests, it’s an educational tool that can help you prepare for the LEED Green Associate exam. Be one step closer to protecting our planet and to designing eco-friendly houses. This app doesn’t help you cheat but study and it’s very useful for architects.Available on iTunes.

7. Buildings App

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Whenever you try to explain something to someone or to give a concrete example it’s easier to show them. This app contains a collection of important buildings from all over the world. It’s a quick reference guide that allows you to find the building you are looking for in just a few seconds. Explanatory notes and the location of the building on the map are also included.Available for free on iTunes.

8. Drawvis

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This is another useful tool for professionals. It allows you to view technical drawings in AutoCAD DXF format. Moreover, you can attach sticky notes to your drawings. The 1.3 version is updated and it allows you to add voice, image and video notes to your drawings as well. This is a free app compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.On iTunes.

9. Design Observer Application

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Another interesting and useful app for professional architects is this one. It offer news in the field and it allows you to browse through essays, reports, videos or special slideshows. You can also use key images for browsing articles/essays thanks to the special “Mondrian” view. The app is free.Available on iTunes.

10. Globe Convert

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This app will help you stay fully organized and it also allows you convert units quickly and accurately. It’s easier than accessing the internet every time you need to convert something. Here you have all the units in one place. The app is easy to use and it’s also very good-looking. It features integrated converting and calculating functions like area, speed, length, width, power, pressure, temperature, etc. Moreover, it’s a completely free app.Available on iTunes.