10 Ideas for Your Home Office Design

More and more people have started working at home lately thanks to the technology development that allows them to work in a place and send all the information in real time in another place. I am referring here to jobs like computer programmer, editor, writer, painter and so on – any job that  does not require your physical presence at your office and gives you the possibility to work from home. I know I worked at home for about four years, so you should consider my advice.

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First of all try to arrange your home office in a remote area of the house because you need focus and if you are some place near the kids room or near the entrance this can be really disturbing. If you live in a big house then you probably can find a room to use as your home office, but otherwise I suggest a part of the attic. If you arrange it to fit your needs, this can be the ideal place. Take a look at these 10 ideas for your home office design and you will see my point.

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Since this is an office at home, that means you don’t have to contact your clients directly – face to face, so you can arrange your home office in a more informal way so that you can feel comfortable and fine, ready to work in a pleasant manner and place. So lose the tie and suit and also the rigid and impersonal office design and surround your work desk by family photos, paintings made by your children, flower pots and anything that can make you feel fine and enjoy your work there.

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Try to place your desk near the window if possible because when you are a bit tired and want to be refreshed without moving from your chair you can relax a few minutes by simply enjoying the view outside and admiring the familiar picture of the home surroundings. Be creative and arrange your office as you like it and as you see fit because it’s a great opportunity to have this freedom.{source 1,and 2}