10 Hot Fireplace Designs

When the weather starts to chill, the fireplace area becomes one of the most used spots in the home. Make it stylish and trendy with these tips.

Open the Space.

Wood storage above fireplace
Two-Faced Fireplaces are Trendy

Fireplaces that can be installed in a wall to provide dual views of the fireplace are a great way to make the fireplace the focal point of the room. They also don’t occupy too much space while opening up the living area. This has the benefit of helping to make the room feel more connected.

Use Stone for Style.

Wood storage above fireplace
Natural Stone Elements are Exquisite in the Fireplace

A fireplace that contains a surrounding area made from stone can be a fine blend of modern and traditional elements. It is luxurious and cozy.

Corner Fireplace Chic.

Wood storage above fireplace
Use the Corner for Eye-Catching Appeal

The corners in a room are usually left to go to waste, but using them wisely can be a great way to save space while doing something different. A small fireplace can fit nicely into the corner of a room. It can be neatly tucked into your design while still being striking. Placed in front of large windows, it provides extra visual appeal.

Take it Outside.

Wood storage above fireplace
Outdoor Fireplaces are Great for Ambiance

Who says your beautiful fireplace needs to remain indoors? Place a fire pit made from concrete block outside for the perfect outdoor heat. Make sure that both the block and surrounding area (such as the deck) contain waterproof materials. A peaceful outdoor fire pit is the perfect spot to entertain on chilly nights.

Create a Cozy Area in the Bedroom.

Wood storage above fireplace
Stylish with Storage Options

There is something to be said about fireplaces in the bedroom. They are the ultimate point of comfort, just perfect for curling up in front of with hot cocoa and a good book. Decorate the fireplace area in the same colors as the rest of the room so that the design flows. A traditional fireplace area can be turned into a sanctuary with the use of comfortable armchairs, as well as a mirror and lamps above the fire. The cabinets surrounding the fireplace create extra storage that blends into décor, accentuating the glowing embers.

Adjustable Fireplaces.

Wood storage above fireplace
Metal Fireplaces are a Hot Trend

What if you want a thriving fire, but sometimes you want less of the fireplace to be exposed? With a beautiful fireplace that can open and close, thanks to its coated metal surrounding, you can create a more convenient and luxurious fireplace in your home.

Fireplace in the Bathroom.

Wood storage above fireplace
Fire and Water: A Stylish Combination

Imagine soaking in a relaxing bath with a beautiful fireplace to keep you warm. It sounds heavenly but it can be a reality. The fireplace seen in the picture contains a niche above it that offers a mantel for your photos, candles or other décor items that you want in the bathroom. Designing the fireplace surround with tiling aids its integration into the bathroom, yet it is perfect for a modern style.

Stylish Leather Creates Fireplace Flash.

Wood storage above fireplace
Leather Heats up the Fireplace

When used in the fireplace surround, leather can be a dramatic and sophisticated way to display your fireplace. Rich leather tones, such as burgundy or maroon, give the fireplace and room in general a strong and stylish definition. A leather-clad fireplace is also excellent in rooms that require an injection of masculinity. Feminine touches can then be brought in to balance it out, such as with the use of flowers.

Get Modern with Metal.

Wood storage above fireplace
Metal Tiles Update Fireplace

Metals have become an interesting material for your fireplace, and they are also a hot décor trend in general. By using metal in the fireplace surround, you update your room with a splash of trendiness without losing warmth that is associated with fireplace areas.

Turn Wood into Décor.

Wood storage above fireplace
Make Wood Storage Stylish

Unleash your creativity by letting the wooden logs become integrated into your living space. For example, packing them in a designated wall hollow where they look like they were placed on purpose provides earthy artwork.

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