10 Home trends for your home in 2011

When it comes to designing and decorating a home, every single individual prefers a trendy, stylish and functional look for their home that can be achieved without burning a hole in the pocket. Whether it is a renovation of the existing home or designing a new home, one should always design a home based on the current trends.

Living room plants and books

Here is a list of top ten home trends for the year 2011 –

1) Go Green – With severe climatic changes causing a serious effect on your planet, the hottest trends in the year 2011 is definitely going to be the energy efficiency and going green. Furniture crafted out of re used wood will be the hottest trend, and it could come from anything such as an old wooden door or discarded ship.

2) Mix and match styles – Mix and match styles are expected to be predominant this year. Instead of imparting a clear cut style, try to blend varied style options. A contrasting element can be created by blending clean cut furniture’s with antique and classic ornate pieces. An old pot can be enhanced by adding metallic handles or an old chandelier can be made the focus of the room by painting unexpectedly.

Living room plants and books

3) Classic colors – Timeless and classic colors would dominate 2011 according to The Inside Source. The color shades would include sophisticated pink shades, soft purple hues, and soothing shades of yellow and green.

4) Enhance the décor with plants – with energy efficient, a lot of emphasizes will be placed on natural elements such as plants. With leafy green plants, the x factor can easily be added to the décor. Introduce indoor plants such as ferns, palms, bonsai plants, smaller trees and more. Alternatively, you may also place a number of potted plants together in basket and cover it with pebbles.

Living room plants and books

5) Invest in art – a wall featuring a number of artifacts and paintings are out. A single painting with abstract art can be created as the focal point of the room.

6) Get rid of white ceilings – after decades, the white ceilings would wear non white color this year. Select the right color according to the décor style of your home.

7) Bright lights – Instead of a number of small lighting fixtures, the trend in the current year would be to install a single fixture emitting bright light.

8) Metallica – Furniture’s wearing an industrial look entered in 2010 and shall stay in 2011. Wrought iron furniture would be the best option as it would be fancy as well as cost effective.

9) Woven wicker furniture – woven wicker furniture would continue to be a popular choice as it is stylish, practical, and easy to maintain.

10) Rugs – Rugs will be used to create wonders in a room. Some popular options would be sheep skin or cotton rugs.