10 Great Fireplace Design Ideas

Many of your living rooms have fireplaces that can be functional or not, having just a decorative purpose. Fireplaces were initially used to make a room warm enough in cold weather. I am sure you all remember the stories with kids’ stalkings hanging by the fireplace in winter. Any way, fireplaces have become a traditional component of the living room, even in the modern ones.

The fireplace wall can help this feature stand out more

The Korman Residence by Cory Buckner Architects.

Of course, they are now a lot different and stylized and look even futuristic or use ethanol and gas instead of wood. I guess it depends on the general design of the house what kind of fireplace to choose.Here are 10 great fireplace design ideas to choose from or get inspiration from if you want to rearrange your house.

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A corner fireplace is great for open floor plans

Silvertree Residence by Secrest Architecture.

Leave the fireplace wall empty to allow it to stand out more

Clearview Chalet by AKB.

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Modern fireplaces can make wonderful focal points in a living room

The Hurtado Residence by Mark Tracy of Chemical Spaces.

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The fireplace should seamlessly blend in if you want it to be cozy

Potrero House by Cary Bernstein.

You can choose an open fireplace or a closed one if you don’t want the gas or any smell to get in the house and close the fireplace with a window, this way being able to see the flames, but not to allow any accidents like gas poisoning . However, whether you choose a gas fireplace or one that functions on wood, you need to make sure there is a chimney that takes the smoke and gas out of the house. It’s really important, especially when your fireplace is in the middle of the living room. You can build a whole brick wall for this or a simple tube or pipe for evacuating the smoke.

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Organize your sitting area close to the fireplace

Potrero House by Cary BThe Nuler-Cudahy Residence by David Coleman.

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Try to find the most convenient location for the fireplace

The Sunlight Residence from Proto Homes.

A wall divider is also a wonderful place for a fireplace

Dixon House by Designgroup Stapleton Elliott.

The fireplace can be visible from both sides of the wall

West Hollywood Residence by (fer) studio.

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A perfectly balanced sitting area featuring a fireplace and lovely views

The Shuswap Cabin by Splyce Design.

If you need wood for your fireplace then it would be a good idea to make a shelf or a special place for depositing the wood right next to the fireplace. It looks a bit rustic, too. You can place it in the middle of the wall and surround it by bookcases or you can choose to use the mantlepiece as a display for decorative objects, paintings or any kind of things you might use for getting the perfect design for your living room, even some animal horns. So personalize your living room by choosing the perfect fireplace for you.