10 Great Crib Ideas From Classic to Whimsical

When baby comes along, you want a warm, happy nursery. The crib is the main focal point of the room, so here are some ideas to make yours more creative.

Four Poster Crib.

Add a Touch of Whimsy

Transform your child’s crib into a four poster marvel. This is a unique bed idea and the four poster structure is also a great way to add lights or a mosquito net to the crib for a fairy tale feeling.

Lovely Lucite.

Modern Transparent Crib for a Trendy Touch

Lucite is a solid transparent plastic that is becoming hot property in décor – even stylish cribs made in this material are now available. Lucite adds effortless sophistication to a nursery that is easily matched with plush throws and mobiles such as the butterfly one seen in the above image.

Go Darker.

Create an Art Wall

Since your children are not going to be in cribs forever, cribs are a perfect item that you can be super trendy with when designing. Choose a modern black crib that matches surrounding décor items. Finish the look with a splash of art. Using black is a great option for a gender neutral nursery, as it gives you the chance to add masculine or feminine elements to it.

Circular Crib.

Rethink Crib Shape

This is a great way to make use of a limited space, plus it can be decorated to the nines for a sophisticated look, such as with a satin bow and fabric. A round crib can also be more decorative when placed in the centre of a room because accessories such as a mini chandelier can highlight it.

Bassinet Beauty.

Bassinets are Perfect for Modern Spaces

Scandinavian-inspired bassinets are an interesting take on the baby’s crib. They feature clean, sleek lines, which is great for a modern or eclectic space. A bassinet is also a great idea for gender neutral nurseries.

Crib Curtains.

Practical and Pretty

This is a great addition to the crib to give it extra décor. Plus, installing curtains around the crib can enable you to give your child more light during the day and a softer ambiance when it is naptime.

Sled Crib.

Make the Crib a Statement Piece

Transform the commonly used square crib into something fantastic. The interesting sled shape of a crib works as a great place for your child to rest, while also infusing the room with an interesting piece of furniture. Having children never looked this stylish!

Paint the Wall Behind the Crib.

The Area Surrounding the Crib can Increase its Style

This is the perfect spot to unleash your inner artist. By painting a fantastical or fun scene on the wall, you elevate the crib’s standing, too. You could even take this one step further and paint the crib to match what is on the wall, creating an integrated and creative design.

Crib Bedding.

Pay Attention to Bedding

What you use as your child’s crib bedding is what brings decorative appeal to your crib. Crib skirts can be an interesting addition as they add frills and prettiness to the crib, making it look much trendier. The best part about experimenting with bedding is that you can change it often for different styles.

Antique Wood.

Antique Cribs Add an Intriguing Twist to Wood

A wooden crib is always timeless, but give it a twist with antique design in an interesting color. For instance, buttercream is a lovely color for use in the nursery. It provides a sense of comfort when used with antique-inspired furniture.

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