10 Funny Lamps

Light is one of the things without which we cannot have a normal life. I am one of those persons who is afraid of dark so I do not even think of a life without light.Light has not a shape or a color but we can use our technology and find different shapes and colors for it.Here are some funny lamps which might bring a smile on your face and see the light in various shapes and colors.

1. Interesting Alien Abduction Lamp

Ae04 diy dinosaur lamps 2 002

I think that many of us imagined a kidnapping scene with an alien space ship. Now, you have the chance to see a concrete image created by the help of a desktop lamp.It is designed by Lass Klein and the only disadvantage is that it is a concept and it cannot be bought yet.

2. Funny Firefly Accent Lamp

Usually, small kids are attracted to everything which moves and has a colorful and sparkling design.This funny firefly accent lamp seems attractive for adults too. It is a nice, lit bug which can be used outdoor or indoor too.

3. Fish Lamps by Frank Gehry

Ae04 diy dinosaur lamps 2 002

What I am going to tell you next has nothing fishy about it but it is about fish.In New York, at the Jewish Museum, Frank Gehry presented eight of his interior lit fish lamps.These fish forms lamps look like gold fish so you might think of that magic gold fish which can accomplish three wishes and everybody would like to meet it.

4. Ghostly Pacman wall Lamps

Ae04 diy dinosaur lamps 2 002

For the Pacman Game lovers, Mirko Ginepro thought to design these ghosts shaped lamps. They resemble Pinky, Blinky, Clyde and Inky, famous characters of this game.Though maybe you are afraid of ghosts they are the nicest ghost lamps you have ever seen.

5. Rabbit and Squirrel Lamps

Ae04 diy dinosaur lamps 2 002

Small animals are the cutest beings which everybody would love to have them near.These rabbit and squirrel lamps create a beautiful and natural atmosphere outside your house. Everybody will admire your forest décor which is completed by these two small animals now.

6. Attractive Mario Mushroom Lights

Ae04 diy dinosaur lamps 2 002

Although mushrooms have an attractive color and are very tasty, sometimes they seem dangerous too. Many people got sick or even died because of their poisoned effect.These attractive Mario Mushroom Lights are inoffensive. They are harmless and seem to embellish your décor.

7. Funny Wiener Dog Accent Lamp

Ae04 diy dinosaur lamps 2 002

It seems to be a serious dog but for the contrary it looks like a funny one.Lucky The Dachshund or also called The Wiener Dog has a textured amber glass torso which seems to have a beautiful glow and you almost think it looks like a real dog.

8. Beautiful Medusa Pendant Lamps

Ae04 diy dinosaur lamps 2 002

Underwater world is a mysterious place which hides many beautiful and interesting things.Roxy Towry Russell was inspired by this wonderful world and created some beautiful medusa pendant lamps. Their fragile shape and beautiful glow create a wonderful atmosphere.

9. Cute Penguin Lamps

Ae04 diy dinosaur lamps 2 002

Penguins are cute and wonderful tiny animals. They have an impressive behavior which can amaze most of us. For example, they choose their life partners for life, so they have a strong and durable relationship.The same durability can be seen at these cute penguin lamps. They are made of a highly durable material, a polycarbonate plastic. So, maybe you will stick with them for life too and will not be disappointed.

10. DIY Dinosaur Lamps

Ae04 diy dinosaur lamps 2 002

Dinosaurs are prehistoric animals which have once populated our planet. Their strange and impressive shapes have inspired many artists, especially the film makers. You can think of the famous film “Jurassic Park”.These dinosaur lamps can create a wonderful atmosphere and can be used for kids’ rooms too. They will definitely admire these shapes.

Light makes our life become dynamic, beautiful and full of accomplishments.These funny lamps show us how we can store it in different shapes which create a funny and warm ambience.{pictures from dwell}