10 Everday Chores That Will Keep Your Home Clean

Sometimes all you have to do are simple tasks, everyday, to keep your home neat and clean. From the kitchen to the bathroom, if you make a point to take five to ten minutes out of everyday to do some chores, then your home will be kept clean everyday of the week!

1. Sweep the floors.

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Do a quick sweep of your floors with the most traffic. From the kitchen to the living room, hit them all with a broom or vacuum so no dirt and dust start to clutter.

2. Fold the blankets.

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Make sure everyone’s beds are made and the throw blankets in the living room are folded and the throw pillows are situated just so. This easy task will surely make the entire house feel more organized.

3.Wipe surfaces.

After dinner or in the morning after you brush your teeth, take a washcloth or a paper towel to wipe off any dust, dirt and of course, all the germs. Lysol wipes work perfect for this job.

4. Put everything back.

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Clean as you go, everyday. Don’t leave a space cluttered or full of stuff you need to put in another room. Making this a habit will help you out week in and week out. This is definitely needed in the home office and kitchen!

5. Recycle and trash.

Take the trash out! Don’t wait til the last minute to take the trash out in all the bathrooms and in the kitchen, you’ll feel lighter once you stop trying to stuff everything in a overflowing garbage can.

6. Dish duty.

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Keep up with the dishes on a daily bases. Don’t allow them to lie in the kitchen sink all week long. Load the dishwasher as needed and put the dishes away!

7. Dust when seen.

If you see dust on the vanity or on a lampshade, do it. Don’t allow it to build up and make more of a job for yourself on Sunday afternoon.

8. Throw away the expired.

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Every time you open the fridge, pay attention to labels. Throw away expired food when it needs to be and not only during your monthly kitchen clean-out.

9. Go through the mail.

Stop piling all the mail on the kitchen counter. Instead, go through you when you retrieve it. Or at least file the papers and open everything up by the end of the day.

10. Laundry organizing.

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Don’t create piles. Even if you don’t do a load everyday, you can at least have everything sorted and separated to make laundry day go smoother and quicker.