10 Easy DIY Wall Art Ideas

Finding wall art for your home can be both difficult and expensive. When you have a specific look in mind, making your own can be your best option.This might seem intimidating to some home decorators, but creating wall art doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are 10 ideas that keep it simple.

Frame Scrapbook Paper or Wallpaper.


Scrapbook paper and wallpaper come in a lot of great patterns and colors. You can simply take a sheet of such paper, cut it to size and frame it to complement your existing décor and add some interest to your walls.

Enlarge Instagram Photos.


Displaying personal photos is a popular way to decorate walls. You can make this tactic a little more interesting by creating large prints from your Instagram photos using a printing service like Printstagram or making your own collage.

Attach Fabric to Your Wall.


If you want to really make a statement on your wall, but don’t like the permanence of wallpaper, you can simply attach some fabric to your wall using fabric starch and a paint roller. It comes off without damaging the wall so it can be used as more of a temporary decorative solution.

Utilize Book Pages.

book pages

Things like pictures from a children’s book, sheet music, and other book pages can be framed and used as easy art pieces particularly for a kid’s room or media room.

Press and Frame Flowers.


Use a flower press or some heavy books to turn dried flowers and plants into frameable objects that can add some natural décor to your room.

Frame Photos in an Old Window or Door.


If you’re looking to display personal photos but don’t want to use plain old frames, you could use an old window or door with different insets to display your photos in a unique way.

Create a Cluster of Mirrors.


Mirrors create the illusion of more space in a room, but plain old mirrors don’t add a whole lot of interest or personality. However, you can hang a group of smaller mirrors with interesting frames to create the illusion of space and also add some art to your walls.

Display Quotes or Lyrics.


Even if you’re not the most artistically inclined, you can easily use stencils or templates to create some art on a canvas that displays a favorite quote or song lyric in an interesting or colorful way.

Paint Over Wall Stencils.


If you don’t want to actually hang anything on your walls, you can get creative with painter’s tape or wall stencils to create interesting patterns or art directly on your walls.

Create Geometrical Designs.


All it takes is some painters tape and maybe a stencil or two to create a geometric painting on a canvas or in a frame to complement a modern or minimalist room.

The possibilities for creating wall art are really endless, but they don’t have to be complicated. These are just a few of the ways you can easily add some art to your walls that you can be proud to say you made yourself.

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