10 DIY Vases and Planters

Spring has arrived, and for many people that means integrating more flowers and plants into their home décor. If you’re looking to add more plant life to your home in the coming weeks, but don’t have enough vases or planters lying around, there are plenty of different DIY options to choose from. Here are 10 simple DIY ideas to bring some visual interest to your plant containers.

Gold Leaf Bud Vases.

gold bud vase

Some gold leaf and adhesive spray can dress up a simple glass bud vase nicely. You can apply a simple dipped-in-gold design like the one pictured, or even get more in-depth with a pattern or abstract design. {found on SAS+ROSE}.

Milk Carton Planter.

milk carton planter

Have an old milk carton lying around? Simply clean it out, remove the top, and wrap the outside in linen to achieve a clean and rustic look. {found on Family Chic}.

Glitter Vases.

glitter vases

Add a bit of sparkle to your houseplants by covering the inside of a glass container with mod podge and glitter. You can even use some painter’s tape to create a dipped look or add some geometric shapes. {found on The Sweetest Occasion}.

Fabric Covered Pots.

fabric pots

Plain old terra cotta pots can be easily customized in many ways. One idea is to cover them in mod podge and add your favorite colorful or patterned fabric to the outside. {found on Christine Chitnis}.

Burlap Vase.

burlap vase

Use a simple sheet of burlap to cover a plain vase or planter for an easy DIY rustic look. {found on Thistlewood Farms}.

Nautical Rope Vase.

rope vase

A cylindrical vase and some large rope trim can create a nautical look for your planter or vase. Simply glue the rope to the container in a spiral so that the entire glass is covered. {found on For Chic Sake}.

Paint Can Planters.

paint can planters

If you have old paint cans lying around and want a way to recycle them, why not use them as planters? Make sure the paint residue is completely removed, or you could purchase new paint cans and just drizzle some craft paint on the outside. {found on HGTV}.

Balloon Flower Vase.

balloon vases

A balloon is probably not a supply you would typically think of for vases, but you can easily use them to cover small glass containers for a colorful and unique statement. Make sure the base of the balloon is at the top of the container and turned inside out and your have a cute little planter for small flowers. {found on Fab DIY}.

Book Planters.

book planters

Old books that you no longer read don’t have to go in the trash or donation bin. Instead, you can cut a hole in the middle and fuse the pages together to make a planter perfect for small succulents. {found on HGTV Gardens}.

Striped Painted Vase.

striped painted vase

This project utilizes painter’s tape to create a striped, geometric look. By choosing a plain rectangular container and metallic paint, the end result is very modern and clean looking. {found on I Spy DIY}.