10 Different Types of Planters

Generally speaking a traditional planter looks like a pot with a plant inside it. Nowadays, planters have unusual shapes and even different uses. They can be placed indoor or outdoor, hanged, put on a surface or made of various materials. No matter the shape is or how different the material is, a planter will always be a container that holds a plant.Here are some types of planters that might seem interesting.

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1. The Wearable Planter

A planter can sit on a surface or can be hanged. What do you think of hanging it at your neck? It sounds strange but Colleen Jordan thought of a living and original necklace and at the same time you can take care or supervise your precious plant{via here}

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2. Living Wall Planter

If you want to bring life into your house, some wall mounted planters are a perfect idea. Their frame is made of wood so you get a nice combination of wood and green plants that make you think of a relaxing walk into a forest.{available here}

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3. Bookshelf Planters

For those who love reading and want to show their passion for books, a bookshelf planter is a nice idea. It is made of wood and imitates the images of some books arranged in a bookcase. These outdoor bookshelf planters make you think of a nice afternoon that you can spend on a terrace reading a book, sitting by your favorite flowers.{via here }

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4. Silicone Planters

Silicone is a light material which usually can be used for getting beautiful or different types of shapes.Silicone planters combine art and design. They look like strange sculptures and can have different colors. Your flowers will feel comfortable because it is a soft material and your décor will look interesting.{via here}

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5. Stiletto Heels Planters

You have so many pairs of shoes and you would like to throw it away. Here it is a nice and original idea that can make you change your mind. If you think that your shoes with high heels are out of fashion you can think of using it for something else.Rachel Mahlke shows you these Stiletto Heels Planters. If you try to combine your shoes and your favorite plants you will definitely get fashionable, original planters.{via here}

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6. Indoor Vegetable Furniture

Space is a problem for everybody who thinks of their house. Usually we want to get more and more space. If you do not like to add some other pieces, like planters to your already crowded place, you can think of a combination of furniture and plants.You will get“living” furniture that will help you get some more space and you will be able to enjoy your plants too.{via here}

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7. Biodegradable Nestling Planters

Nowadays, everywhere you turn your head; one of the most frequently used words is “bio”. We hear about “bio” food,   ”bio”materials,  ”bio” medicines and so on.Brett Duncan also presents us something “bio”. It is about seedling which represents a biodegradable nestling planter. It is a planter that can be put in another one while our plant grows bigger and bigger. These type planters are healthy for our plants and our life too.{via here}

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8. Egg Planters

Planters can get different shapes: elegant planters, animal planters, shoe planters. So, there are also the egg planters. These planters have the shape of an egg that can have different colors.If you think that an egg generates a new form of life, the combination of an egg shape and a plant is an inspired one.{via here}

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9. Green Pockets-Planter Wall Tiles

Maruja Fuentes presents Planter Wall Tiles. Your house will be filled with life and freshness if you think of using it. The walls will get life and color and you will feel closer to nature.Nothing compares with a nice green spot and a small source of fresh air that can enjoy your soul and body. {via here}

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10. Vazon Magnum Translucent Planters

If you love nature and romanticism Rotoluxe will have an interesting idea for you. It presents you Vazon Magnum Translucent Planters. These are some nice planters that can also be a source of light .You can use it for an outdoor or indoor décor. The translucent light creates a romantic atmosphere and at the same time it will set your beautiful plants off.{via here}

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Think of your home as a heaven corner and choose the right model planter that suits your house and your preferences best. Use your imagination and creativity and decorate your house the way you want and add some drops of color and life to your warm environment.