10 Decorating Rules You Should Break

Rules were made to be broken. If we all followed the same home decoration guidelines the world of interior design would be dull and boring. When did anyone ever gain compliments or credibility for being a sheep? 2014 is your year to stand out from the crowd. Let your home be the one that draws all of the gasps whenever visitors arrive. How? Throw caution to the wind and smash the following decorating rules into tiny little pieces…

1. The ceiling must be white.

Classic barstool blue seating

There seems to be this unwritten rule that ceilings have to be white. A coloured ceiling can instantly make your home more interesting. You don’t have to go for anything too drastic, if you are feeling unsure simply opt for a few shades lighter or darker than your walls.

2. Different patterns cannot be mixed

Colorful patterns

Teaming floral patterns with geometric designs may seem an ill thought out plan. However, patterns do not need to match to look good, they simply need to coordinate.

3. Dining chairs must match

Diff dining chairs

You don’t have to go for a packaged dining room table with the matching chairs. In fact, individual chairs bring much more personality to your home.

4. Flowers for your table centrepiece

Flowers and lighting over dining table

Since when did flowers become the only acceptable table centrepiece? Try something different instead!

5. Dark paint is depressing

Purple bedroom decor

Not all dark colours are dull and depressing. In fact, deep hues can really bring a small space to life. If you like a dark shade, go for it – it’s what you team with it that will determine the overall mood of the room.

6. You must use more than one colour in a room

Bold red powder room

Most experts will tell you that your room should consist of two to three different colours. However, using one mere colour can be extremely powerful and ensures your room is overflowing with personality. This is great for those who want to make a bold statement with their choice of interior design.

7. All finishes must be the same

Coffee table country

Your finishes do not have to match. In fact, you can generate intrigue and character by opting for contrasting finishes.

8. Every room needs colour

Grey bedroom color

You don’t need to add splashes of colour to every single room. In fact, too many colourful shades can end up being headache inducing. Don’t be afraid to keep it on the conservative side.

9. Potted plants are for outdoor use only

Potted plants in living room

There is nothing wrong with bringing the outdoors in. Potted plants can look beautiful in the home. They help to create an earthy and harmonious vibe.

10. Never opt for an all-white room.

White living room elegant chandelier

All-white rooms aren’t boring. In fact, they are peaceful, serene and relaxing. Who doesn’t want somewhere tranquil to unwind in the home?

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