10 Cute Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen is a place where you can combine art, design and cooking. All these can become more attractive and funny if you add some cute kitchen accessories.

1. Salt and Pepper Monkeys

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Monkeys are funny animals that usually do all kinds of amusing things. Now you can use for your amusement these salt and pepper monkeys that seem to feel nice in a banana kayak. You know that monkeys love bananas! Available for 36$.

2. Easter Salt and Pepper Set

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Next month we celebrate Easter. Everybody is preoccupied with all kinds of Easter decorations for their homes, which will make them feel closer to the spirit of this holiday.Your Easter table will look nicer with this Easter salt and pepper set which will fit perfectly to the Easter décor.Available for 25$.

3. Elephant Cake Stand

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Your delicious cakes will look wonderful on this artistic and elegant cake stand. This kitchen accessory looks like a beautiful statue, like a piece of art. So, your cakes will enjoy all the others’ admiration, which will be on the top of this stand.Available for 550$.

4. Salt and Pepper Orientales Paradise Birds

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This salt and pepper Orientales Paradise birds set takes part of a collection. The collection is a collaboration between The National Palace Museum in Taiwan and the Chin Family. They will add color to your kitchen design besides flavor to your tasty dishes.Available for 60$.

5. Air fork One

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This funny fork is designed for kids. When you have kids the meal hour can become an excellent game .Usually, the fork or the spoon becomes a flying object which must land on the kid’s mouth. Available for 12$.

6. Rooster Bottle Stoppers

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You opened a bottle of wine and you need a bottle stopper. Now you have the chance to make your bottle look funnier and more attractive than an ordinary bottle with these rooster bottle stoppers. They are beautifully colored and perfect for your bottles. Available for 45$.

7. Floral Frog Salt and Pepper Set

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It is spring and everybody runs to a spot of green grass and some warm rays of sun.Your table can get the same spring air if you use this floral frog salt and pepper set. This pair of twin amphibians set on a green lily leaf will bring nature closer to you.Available for 17$.

8. Heart Shaped Salt and Pepper Shakers

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Love is a feeling which spices our life with all sorts of wonderful moments.These heart shaped salt and pepper shakers will season your food the way your heart wishes. They are easy to use and they will make you love more your favorite dish.

9. Egg Soldier Eggcup

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Your boiled egg may look like an object of art if you use this egg soldier eggcup. It will look like a nice sculpture, guarded by a couple of soldiers who do not wish to lose their treasure huge egg.Available for 24$.

10. G’ Rabbit Jr. Salt and Pepper Set

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Rabbit is one of the symbols of Easter. It is the one that brings us the beautiful presents that we all expect. Kids are the ones who are the most impatient and dream of all kinds of funny presents that the Easter Bunny may bring them. This G’Rabbit Jr. salt and pepper set may also be a nice Easter present for someone dear to you.Available for 20$.

If you are a funny person, you can spicy your kitchen or home with all these cute kitchen accessories. Cooking will become a more attractive activity and your kitchen will get more color and life. Kids will adore them and your meals will become more enjoyable.