10 Breathtaking Views Over Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a very diverse city with lots of interesting landmarks and attractions. They are spread throughout the city so finding spectacular views becomes quite easy.The city is divided into more than 80 districts and neighborhoods as well as numerous communities.They each feature landmarks such as the Griffith Observatory, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Watts Towers and many more.

Spectacular Views Over Los Angeles
An outdoor terrace or balcony is the best place for enjoying the views

But, in most of the cases, spectacular views are not focused on a certain building on landmark but on the visible landscape and cityscape as a whole.In this case, the views are amazing as Los Angeles is a dynamic city that bursts with light. The views are even more spectacular at night. Such a beautiful city deserves to be admired.

Spectacular Views Over Los Angeles 28
At night, a transformation occurs and the views impress in a totally different way
Living room amazing los angeles view
When the views are expansive and as beautiful as in this case, glass walls are a wonderful option
Modern sofa for living room big views
The clear views of the city are the focal point of this minimalist décor
Kitchen with losangeles views
The amazing views visible from this kitchen can be fully admired thanks to the folding window
Outdoor swimming poo view
An infinity pool combined with such vast and breathtaking views is a dramatic feature
Modern balcony views
Take full advantage of the outdoor patio and turn it into a dining area
Views from living
City views are usually more dramatic and mysterious at night
Modern house big views
The vast L. A. city unfolds and complements this amazing deck perfectly
Contemporary living room featuring large window
A minimalist and contemporary interior décor is always beautifully complemented by the views

It’s why the examples we have selected represent private residences or resorts, all with huge windows or glass walls meant to capture the beauty of the views and to include them in the interior décor itself. No two views are the same. They are all unique and they are all spectacular.

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