10 Bizarre and Modern Beds

Everybody who thinks of their own bedroom has in mind the central piece of the room which is the bed. Usually, most of the people think of a large, relaxing bed but no matter the type of bed they choose the basic idea is that of comfort.Here are some bizarre types of beds that can assure all the comfort that you need.

1. Air Bed by Daniele Lago

Lago air bed 1

It is an interesting and attractive piece of furniture that lets you the impression that you float in the air designed by Daniele Lago.It is a practical, comfortable bed and its attractive element is represented by the twenty figures stenciled into the platform, underneath the mattress, which show positions from Kama Sutra.This platform bed is positioned on four slabs of transparent crystal and its height can be changed by rotating the glass supports under the metallic body of the bed.{more info here}.

2. Mile High Bed by MotoArt

Kinky motoart mile high bed

It is a bed that looks like a jet, designed by MotoArt. It makes you feel like you are on a plane that needs you as a pilot.Mile High Bed has a dynamic shape and is made of 2DC-9(passenger jet) rear stabilizers and a C-1309military cargo aircraft) inner flap complete with LED lighting stripe.{more info here}.

3. Jigsaw-Puzzle Bed by Karen Babel

Bed case 6642

Karen Babel proposes you a game that can make your sleep come easier. It is a bout the Jigsaw-Puzzle Bed. It is a bed that can become a bookcase when it is not in use.It has the shape of a mattress that stands straight in four pieces to form the bookcase. When you prepare yourself to go to bed, the mattress fits into the wall-mounted frame, containing five shelves.You can get a single bed or a double one.

4. The Millennium Falcon Bed by Kayla Kromer

Unusual Bed Shaped Like The Millennium Falcon 1 470x313

Kayla Kromer reminds you of Star Wars, a famous movie full of special effects and many SF elements.This type of bed takes the shape of a Millennium Falcon from Star Wars and looks like a real space ship.So, enjoy your journey to other strange worlds while you are sleeping.{more infohere}.

5. Mercedes Bed

Design Unique Bedroom e1282625424918

For those who cannot keep away from their favorite car, here it is an interesting solution-the Mercedes Bed.It is a nice bed made from Mercedes 8 Coupe (W115).It looks like a real car and the advantage is that you do not need a driving license.{more info here}.

6. Sandwich Bed

Sandwich bed 01

Here it is a funny idea for gourmands. Usually, they cannot keep away from food. They love all kinds of food; the essential thing must be the good taste and the gig quantity.For these food lovers, the Sandwich Bed is a great idea. Even if they go to sleep they will have the sensation that they are closer to food though it is not a comestible item.{more info here}.

7. Water Beds

Moat bed in a swimming pool

Water beds do not represent a novelty anymore but are still very much appreciated for their comfort. They make you imagine that you are floating above the waves of the sea on a summer hot day at the seaside.They are one of the most relaxing beds that make us fell like in seventh heaven.{more info here}

8. The Glass Bed by Santambrogio Milano

Minimalist sofa bed 1 470x470

Perhaps one of the strangest materials chosen for a bed is glass. It is a type of bed proposed by Santambrogio Milano.Although it is made of a durable, ultra clear Diamond Glass produced by Saint Gobain, its transparency makes you think of a fragile bed.{more info here}.

9. Magnetic Floating Bed by Janjaap Ruijssenaars

Medium floatingbed

The designer Janjaap Ruijssenaars proposes you the Magnetic Floating Bed. It makes you imagine that you are the famous character Aladdin, the master of the flying carpet.The Magnetic Floating Bed can hold 900 kilograms floating in the air. It is a strong bed that can make you travel to the wonderful world of dreams floating in the air.{more info here}.

10. Float by Okooko, designed by David Trubridge


It is a wonderful bed that has the shape of a sailing boat. The designer left from the idea that sleep represents a voyage between dreams.So, this bed should look dynamic and we should be able to move anywhere we like to.{more info here}.

No matter what their shape is, what kind of materials is used, beds still remain the most relaxing pieces of furniture. Their comfort assures us a wonderful journey to the land of dreams.