10 Beautiful Dining Room Design Ideas

The dining room used to be that room that was especially designed for you to have dinner there with your family. Well, not only dinner, but all the meals of the day, but dinner is the one giving the room its name. However, nowadays more and more people have combined this room with the kitchen creating a larger room destined both for cooking and dining.

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That can be explained by the fact that many modern families have dinner out and also by the fact that families are not so large any more, so two or three people can easily have dinner in the kitchen rather than have a separate room just for this. Well, people have different tastes and ideas, so many have still kept the old-fashioned style of having a dining room, so here are 10 beautiful dining room design ideas.

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Contrasts are good as they create diversity and do not let monotony make your meals boring and make you lose your appetite. That is why we suggest a nice dining room with white walls and a beige floor and table, but with black modern chairs and over sized lamps hanging over the dining table from the ceiling. Of course, you can always try the opposite, that is wooden walls and floor keeping the natural colour of the wood combined with a black rectangular simple table and white futuristic chairs molded in plastic. Add some white balls in the wall niches and a white hanging lamp and the picture is complete.

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Dining room contemporary

Designed by Anna Malin.

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Picture by Siren Lauvdal.

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Or maybe you prefer a less formal approach full of colour and life. In this case you could try getting some yellow chairs with a metallic framework and back rest around a modern simple white rectangular table adorned only with some colourful bowls or vases. It looks great in a white decor and is specific for young people.

Any way, no matter what your style may be , I am sure you can find some useful ideas in this article and I hope we could help.