10 Awesome Halloween Lantern Designs You Can Make Yourself

Halloween lanterns are a must have. Halloween is just not complete without them. Of course, when you say lantern you immediately think of pumpkins but those aren’t the only designs you can use. There are tons of other ideas and numerous wonderful lanterns you can make yourself using other materials.

Halloween lamp

For example, you can make tin can lanterns. Fill the can with water, put it in the freezer and then drill holes in it in the pattern you want. Melt the ice and paint the can.{found on jollymom}.

Candles halloween

To make these beautiful luminaries you need glass jars and printed images. You basically cut out the images to fit the jars, glue them on and you put tiny tea candles inside.{found on notjustdecorating}.

Jars candle halloween

These spooky candle holders are also made using glass jars. You can decorate them however you want. These have skeleton heads on them and they’re decorated with black feathers.{found on ohmy}.

Candles deco

This is a decoupage project. You need black cardstock, a candle holder or a vase, decoupage glue and a craft knife. You basically decorate the candle holder with cardstock after you’ve decided on a pattern.{found on thelongthread}.

Mason jar painted

These lanterns are funny and adorable. You can make similar ones from mason jars. You also need tissue paper, glue and a permanent marker. You put glue onto the jar then you stick the tissue paper on top. Once it’s dry, you draw the faces.{found on isavea2z}.

Recycle to create lamp

Using only a marker you can also turn a milk jar into a wonderful Halloween lantern. All you need is talent.

Halloween paper lanterns

Paper lanterns can also be fun to make. Use double sided tape to glue the paper pieces together and yarn for the handle.{found on site}.


Using a glass vase, some glue, white tissue paper and printed images you can make a really cool Halloween luminaire.{found on site}.

Orange candles

These look just like pumpkin lanterns. Well, they’re not. They’re made of oranges and they’re lovely decorations for the table or for the mantle.{found on rebeccasdiy}.

Halloween lanterns

Remember those adorable jar lanterns? Well, these are very similar. You make them using tissue paper, glass jars, glue and markers.{found on site}.