Yellow Kitchen Inspiration Ideas

The color yellow reflects happiness, optimism and enlightenment. It gives way to the creation of an inspiring feeling and something which is very positive and promising. It is due to these aspects that interior decorators consider employing the yellow in various ways to design an impressive house.

If you are also looking forward to stimulating and enlightening your home, there could be no other way than choosing to the heart of your home to follow this theme. Yes, you are right. We are talking about yellow kitchens. Yellow kitchens are not only very appealing, but they also create a cheerful, happy look.

If you are running short of ideas to decorate yellow kitchens, here are few interesting ones to help you out –

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Kitchen design by Ala Cucine.

As walls and cabinetry are known to set the tone of the room, try selecting both of them or at least one of them in the color yellow. You have the opportunity to play around with hues of yellow color for painting the walls so that they feature a warm look. Textured walls such as popcorn or engraved walls may also be employed to allow the yellow color show off in a better way. White and yellow checkered curtains may be selected to complement the yellow painted walls.

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Piramide Yellow Kitchen

Various accessories employed in the kitchen such as recipe book holder, cutlery stand, sugar bowl, mitts, etc may be selected in solid yellow color or yellow patterns. This shall create a cohesive feeling in the room and will also highlight the yellow color theme.

Bright yellow color vases with white daises, big sunflowers or cornflowers may also be placed in the corner most shelf. Alternatively, you may also hand yellow colored various size plates on the wall to create an interesting artwork.

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Posted in Kitchen on July 6, 2011

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