World Map Clock

I have noticed that people got so used to the numbers of the clock dial that they do not need them any more in order to tell the time. They will immediately know the time when they see the position of the two clock arms as if there were some numbers displayed on it. Actually the numbers are in our heads, as we learned their place and apply the picture in our minds onto the real picture and have a juxtaposed image. For example you and I can both look at this nice World Map Clock and we will tell the time in … no time.

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The fact that this clock has a nice and simple design is also one of its greatest features, besides the fact that it looks like an oversized world map. Since I studied Geography in college, I still love it and I have a passion for maps, so the moment I saw this interesting looking clock I knew I had to buy it. I could even picture it on my living room wall, all nice and beautiful, an amazing combination of metal (the clock arms) and wood (the clock base). The world map is stylized, showing the contour of the continents in a nice way, with a mini circle motif. The clock is now available on Urban Outfitters for $99.