Wooden Perfection Chair

Sitting hasn’t been the same since people started looking at it from different perspectives, other that its functionality. Chairs are more and more diverse, featuring more and more functions or elements. Take this for instance, you look at it and you know that this is a chair, but let’s be honest, it doesn’t look at all like the traditional chairs we know. The futuristic design is only tempered by the material from which this was crafted.

Inspired by the rings of a tree the GVAL chair alternates sheets of plywood that serve as a visual and tangible reminder of our organic nature.  Inside the chair’s structure, there are two additional segments that can be used separate or combined as footrests or to form another chair. For this unique design  the GVAL chair won the first prize in a competition called Art On Chairs, awarded by the Paredes Center of Furniture Design and designed by Vanesa Moreno.

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Thanks to modern technology materials now can be curved and flexed in almost any shape. In this particularly spirit this chair has sinuous shapes, that are meant to bond with the human shape in perfect harmony. The two smaller pieces from inside are very similar but designed to fit one into each other and also to into the entire ensemble, like in a protective shell. Slightly different natural wood shades add character to the piece and placing it in the right décor will add a tremendous amount of value to the interior.

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Posted in Sofa and Chair on April 2, 2012

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