Wireless LED lights for your garden or pool

RMJ International has presented to the public a very interesting concept. The idea was to create energy-efficient LED lights that can be used outdoors. They took this concept to the next level by creating waterproof LED lights that be used outdoors, in the garden but also in the pool thanks to their ability to float on water.

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The Cocoon and the Lotus are two very interesting and modern energy-efficient LED lights. The wireless technology and their ability to float on water makes them great for outdoor use and especially as pool decorations. They have a resilient structure that makes them nearly indestructible. They are also UV and chloride resistant. The Cocoon can provide up to 25 hours of artificial light but after that it’s going to take about 5 hours to recharge. The Lotus, however, has a run-time of approximately 120 hours. The light sensor will switch on the light when the sun goes down and it will switch off the light when the sunlight returns so you don’t have to do anything manually.

The Cocoon and, of course, the Lotus are great light sources during the night when you might feel the need to swim for a while to cool down or just to relax. The Lotus is also great for the garden as it will nicely integrate into the landscape.

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Posted in Lighting on June 1, 2011

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One Response to “Wireless LED lights for your garden or pool”

  • Amelia@ Garden Decors says:

    Nice. I was looking for this kind of garden lights. I saw one during the garden wedding of my best friend. I would like one as a display for my niece’s debut this month. It’s also a stunning garden deco for this summer. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

    Now, I would just like to find a way where I can hang 5 of them. In my porch or in the tree at my garden? Which is which?