Wire bird string lights for the outdoors

When decorating a garden there’s really no standard style to do it. You just put together things that you like and that look good outside. When choosing furniture you have to be careful at the material and the design because you don’t want it to get ruined. But when it comes to lighting systems it’s a whole different story.

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You can really choose anything you want for your garden as long as it looks good. But, of course, there are some designs that are especially made for outdoor use. Like this beautiful and funny wire bird string lights. It’s a lighting systems formed of 10 wire birds that ca be placed anywhere in the garden. You can place them in a tree or on a fence or anywhere else you might feel like. Each wire birds is 8’’ long and it has a very cute design. It’s a system similar to the little lights you put in the Christmas tree, except that you can use these ones during the whole year.

So if you feel like your garden need a little spark and fun I think these cute little birds might do the trick. Enjoy many relaxing moments in your own garden illuminated by these wire birds. In the same time you’ll be providing the real birds with some friends.Available for 39$.

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Posted in Lighting on June 6, 2011

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