Winter Blossom Cushion by Camilla Meijer

Winter is a few days away and I can’t wait to start looking for all kinds of winter decorations and gifts. And everything is because of the upcoming Christmas that makes us happy and jolly, eager to please and give, willing to compensate the cold outside with the warmth inside our souls. So the shops are full of things with winter and Christmas messages and prints. And I think it’s OK. I  love these things and I buy new ones every year. I have just found this great Winter Blossom Cushion by Camilla Meijer and I thought I should share. I know this is only a cushion you normally use for the bed or couch to make it comfortable, but the winter blossom pattern on it is really special.

As you can see the cushion is covered with a nice design of blue and winter blossom. The electric blue background is full of coldness and the little twigs that seem to be in blossom underline this feeling even more. The cushion cover is made of cotton panama and that makes it really comfortable and soft, sweat absorbing and firm enough to support your head properly when watching TV for example. The oft fake suede back completes the picture and the hidden zips allow a nice and elegant look. The cushion is filled with soft and fluffy duck feathers and the price is right – £60.00.