Wild Cushions by By Nord

Everybody loves nature and everybody should take care of it. It is the place that relaxes us, makes us feel more responsible and becomes a source of inspiration for many of our activities.

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I guess man is a part of nature and he never can be separated from it. In the middle of nature we may have the opportunity to see incredible animals, rare plants, and wonderful views and notice the wild life of the creatures that populate these wild areas.If you are a nature lover and you want to bring a piece of the miracle of nature into your house then you will definitely be interested in these cushions.

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They are created by By Nord and used as source of inspiration the beauties of the Nordic nature. The idea of combining design and nature is reflected in every product created by them.

If you watch these Drop, Branch, Wildflower and Umbellifer cushions with these photo prints that captured images of the wild life on them, you will have the feeling that your interior was transformed into a real fresh corner of nature where you can relax and feel comfortable. Their wild images with vivid colors will bring life and peacefulness into your home. The sensitivity of the captured image is completed by the softness of the materials used of 100% cotton.