Why Bamboo Bed Sheets Are An Ideal Choice?

There has been a significant growth in the demand of bamboo bed sheets, and they are rapidly occupying a place in mail order catalogues and retail outlets. This has left most of the shoppers pondering if the bamboo bed sheets are merely a craze or offer real benefits. Here is a comprehensive list of benefits of bamboo bed sheets, which makes it an ideal choice among people all across the globe:

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Eco friendly.

Bamboo is an environment friendly product. It is a part of the grass family, and has a strong association with the Chinese culture. Bamboo plant grows at a rapid pace and is 100% renewable.  The stalk of the bamboo plant is used to manufacture the fibers which are weaved into a bamboo bed sheet.

Antimicrobial and Antibacterial.

Most of the varieties of bed sheet do not possess these qualities but bamboo bed sheets possess specific antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. This is because bamboo itself is highly resistant to the growth of microorganisms and bacteria. With sweat, dead skin cells, oil and many other things coming in contact with our bed sheets every day, this reasoning makes the bamboo bed sheets with  antimicrobial properties all the more appealing.

Long lasting and easy care.

Bamboo bed sheets are highly long lasting and do not demand any extra care. They can easily be machine washed and dried. The threads of the bamboo bed sheets are extremely soft and actually become softer the more they are washed and the more they are used. This makes bamboo bed sheets an ideal choice for those individuals that prefer bed sheets that have a longer life.

Cost effective.

Bamboo bed sheets are slightly expensive than the other typical varieties of bed sheets but their ability to last for a longer duration makes it highly cost effective in the long run. The cotton bed sheets begin to feel rougher as they are used but for the bamboo bed sheets, it is completely opposite. Therefore, spending around $75 for a bamboo bed sheet for a queen size bed that can last long and improve as it ages is definitely not a bad deal.

All the year round usage.

Bamboo bed sheets possess the unique quality to insulate. This implies that they will assist in keeping the individuals cooler in summer and warmer in winter.