White Whale Wall Accessory

White whales are in danger of extinction, so we all think they are very rare and important for this world. We even learn about them since childhood, once we get to know Moby Dick and its adventures. So we realize we all love white whales without considering the matter too much. So why not use the portrait of such a cute animal to decorate the walls of or homes? This White Whale Wall Accessory is perfect for a teenager’s room or for bringing youth and dream to any room . If you paint your wall light blue it will be the perfect fantasy with oceans and voyages and white whales that you had as a child.

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This beautiful home accessory is designed by Dolan Geiman, an artist from Chicago and it is both funny and beautiful. It us carefully made of wood, covered with scalloped leather and leatherette pieces. These pieces look like the “scales”on a fish and they make a great picture when put together. The artistic stylized whale is perfectly completed with a zipper for the mouth and a blue eye. A metal wire at the back allows you to hang it on the wall. The product is handmade in India and can be purchased for $64 from Urban Outfitters.