Where to place the fridge?

I know that each person is free to arrange the house according to their style and wish, but when you first move into a new home you do not have so much experience, so you make mistakes that would have been avoided if you got some tips from the ones around you. For example When I bought my first fridge I did not know where to put it in order to make sure it will work properly and will not get damaged easily.

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So I asked around and I found out that it is not a good idea to place a fridge near the microwave oven or near the cooker, as it generates a lot of heat and this might damage its functioning. Actually i found out that the best thing to do is to make a triangle with each corner on one of the following : cooker, fridge and sink.

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You should also consider placing the fridge away from the direct action of the sun, as it can cause overheating during the hot summer days and the fridge will work twice as hard to compensate for the heat coming from the sun.

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Do not forget to leave enough space that will allow you to open the fridge door easily without squeezing you into a wall. If you purchase a double door fridge like the one in the first picture first make sure your kithen is big enough for it when both doors are open and if not simply place it somewhere else – like in the hallway. Do not cover it and also leave some space between the fridge and the wall for a proper ventilation.

And when the work is finished take a bottle of wine from the fridge and enjoy the view.

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  • Curtis says:

    my mother looked at me funny when i told her that her fridge is perfectly positioned. Amazing read, thanks!