Where and how lamp shade should be used

A lamp shade is nothing but a decorative covering used for lamps and bulbs and largely enhances the design and style of the room in which it is used. Though lamp shade is commonly seen as desktop lamps in bedrooms, living rooms, offices, etc, but they are also used to address the glass covering used for the ceiling lights. The main purpose of a lamp shade is to diffuse or redirect the light emitted by the bulb so that the maximum effectiveness is achieved, and the light does not hurt the eyes. Besides catering to the practical purpose, a lampshade is an exquisite decorative piece that increases the aesthetic value of the room.

Lamp shades are available in an array of designs, styles, sizes and materials. It is not necessary that a lamp shade has to be used on a lamp only. It can be attached to any type of lighting fixture.  A Traditional lamp shade is made out a cloth and is attached with the help of a wire frame. The cloth used for the lamp shade varies from hemp, cotton nylon and plastic. Extravagant fabrics such as silk are used for expensive lamp shades that impart a royal look.

The most popular variety today is the glass bowl lamp shade. A glass lamp shade boasts an aesthetic appeal but is known to be heavy and prone to cracks. Often, glass lamp shades can be extravagant as that a chandelier.  Another variety that is also quite popular is a metal lamp shade. A metal lamp shade is exquisite and sturdy but one has to be careful while using it as it is prone to heat up.

The right lamp shade can either break or make the décor of the room. It is very vital to check for varied options and figure the best one in accordance with the need and the surroundings.

If you desire to use a lampshade on a desktop or a side table as a piece of decoration then it is ideal to go for cloth lamp shades. Cloth lamp shades are cheap and easy to maintain. In addition, there is no risk of heating up or breakage. Glass lamp shades are ideal for wall and ceiling lights as the ceiling lights are not cleaned daily. Moreover, metal lamp shades can be used on a desktop as well as a wall.

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