What to look for when choosing an area rug

The first thing people look at when entering a house is the floor. They take a look at the furniture but their eyes go down instinctively to see what are they stepping on. That is why the area rug is important: to create a pleasant memory of they’re visit to your home so they will keep a good first impression of the house imprinted on their minds.

Depending on the furniture as well as the style and colors used to decorate your house you can choose first the type then the model of your area rug. There are two types of rugs: the flat-weave rugs and the pile rugs which are more expensive.

The most common flat-weave rugs are the Aubusson ones, hand made from China with soft and delicate colors obtained by a chemical wash.They have designs of flowers and architectural shapes and they fit best an elegant room with antique furniture. If you are looking for an animal design on your carpet or bright colors you should have the Kilim rug manufactured from wool by people in Turkey, Pakistan and Iran, produced in all sizes at a good price.

Pile rugs are hand-tied rugs made out of wool, cotton or silk obtained in a long process and have a smooth and even surface. This type of rugs come in many designs and names and the most common are the Persian and the Oriental ones. One difference between this two types is the manufacturer but you would be surprised to find out that the Oriental rug is actually trying to imitate the Persian one.

They have similar designs of flowers and animals but the Oriental ones have a thicker and denser pile while the Persian ones have the background colored in deep reds blues and ivory. An other difference is the weave. In Iran the weavers use single asymmetrical knots that make the image sharper and clearer while others use double or symmetrical knots and have as a result a less sharp image.

If you want to be sure that you buy an original handmade Persian or Oriental rug you should turn it backwards in the search of the model. Imitations will not have the same model as the front side and you will know it does not worth the money.

When choosing a rug you should take in consideration the number of knots per square inch to be sure that the image is better defined. This however doesn’t mean that the rug will last longer but at least you will benefit of a clearer image. An other thing you should keep in mind is that good quality carpets would never feel dry and should return to the original shape immediately after pressed with your thumb.

By its softness, model and shape the rug can turn your house into a home so be careful what you choose!{1,2,3,5 and last picture from here}.

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