What to Consider When Buying a Home

There were already many instances when the excitement of people purchasing a house has made them miss an important step, which is checking the entire house. Once they get attracted to the physical appearance of the house like its color, for instance, they instantly close their options.  This is the biggest mistake of most people, and this is what you should avoid.  You need to check the house meticulously from its interior to its exterior, from the roof to the ceiling to the floor, and so on.  By doing this process, you will be able to avoid a dreadful house and save thousands of dollars.

Foundation of the house.

Foundation refers to the walls or posts of the house.  If you have detected cracks on the walls, especially if they are very visible, you should take this as a clue that the foundation is weak or that the materials used are sub-standard.  This is the most important aspect of a house that should be inspected because the safety of your family lies in it.


When a home inspector tells you that there is a hole on the roof, this may be a good reason to walk away from the house.  The roof can cause several problems, which include leaks and seepage.  You might also encounter infestations problems if your pursue on buying the house as the roof is left open and a number of rodents or even racoons might already be living in the ceiling.

Windows and doors.

Check every window and every door of the house.  If there’s no problem opening and closing them, well and good, but if you see that they don’t perfectly fit on the frames, the house is not good enough because this usually points back to foundation issues.  You should be aware that having damaged doors and windows will put you and your family at risk as burglars or animals can just easily slip inside the house.


As you step into the house, check whether the floor is in great condition or is safe.  This is important especially if you have kids.  If you think that the floor needs to be chipped off and replaced with a safer material, then think twice on buying the house as you will only be forced to spend a big sum of money.

Love at first sight does not apply when buying a house.  You have to make sure that you check everything, no matter how big or small the issues are.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on September 20th, 2010


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