What are the different types of mattresses available in today’s markets?

Many of us often wake up in the morning with a sore back and a sense of exhaustion instead of feeling replete with vitality.  A disturbed sleep can result in a feeling of irritability, lack of energy and unwillingness to get out of bed in the morning. This not only hampers the day-to-day routine but also has an adverse effect on the health. A wholesome sleep is the key to a healthy and happy life; and the key to a good sleep is the right kind of mattress.

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A good mattress is essential for a good night’s sleep. While a mattress ascertains the right posture while sleeping, it helps the body relax and rejuvenates the body. Unlike what many believe, each person may have different needs from their mattress. Fact is, today there are mattresses that can cater to all kinds of people. While a few mattresses are made out of foam, some are made from coir. Most good mattresses allow your body to ‘breathe’ more easily, having the right configuration and allowing proper ventilation.

Some people require a mattress that gives extra support to their back or their shoulders. And today, many companies make mattresses especially for people who have health issues. The market is flooded with a large variety of mattresses that can be picked depending on the age, height, weight and medical needs to a person. There is great variety of mattresses in the market which use different kinds of materials, features, construction techniques etc. You can choose a perfect match to your requirements from the numerous options of mattresses available today.

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Innerspring Mattresses –

The Innerspring is the most popular and widely used mattress. A standard product of the mattress industry, the innerspring mattress constitutes around 80% of the market. The use of coil springs in the mattress bestows it with a strong support structure. A wire borders around the edges of the innerspring which helps to retain the shape of the mattress. Each spring is connected to the outer wire and special springs are attached at the edges to give them a firm support. The number of coils used in the innerspring mattress range from 300-800 depending upon the size of the mattress. However, the greater the number of coils, the more comfortable is the mattress.

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Foam Mattresses-

Foam mattresses were originally devised for NASA astronauts in 1970 as a solution to the gravitational pull experienced while spaceship take-offs. A decade later these mattresses were launched in the market for masses as well. The foam mattresses can be found in three different kinds of materials, i.e. Viscoelastic, latex or polyurethane.

Viscoelastic foam mattresses also popularly known as memory foam mattresses are durable, albeit a little expensive. Latex mattresses are more popular owing to their quality of creating warm conditions for the sleeper in winters and cool conditions in summers. Also, latex mattresses are highly recommended for asthma patients as they have the ability to repel dust.

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Air Mattresses –

The air mattresses provide the user with the option of adjusting the level of air in the mattress to determine firmness. They are not very commonly used in household and their portability makes them an ideal choice for camping trips and adventures. Many hospitals also use the air mattress for patients suffering from severe joint pains and inflammation. The air mattresses were initially priced very high, however they have become much more economical now.

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Water Beds

Water beds are the least common kind of mattresses. They find very little applicability in everyday use, as they entail the risk of water leakage. However, the unique feature which enables temperature control is what makes it popular amongst people living in colder regions.

It is very essential to have the perfect mattress that allows for a sound and comfortable sleep. With the right kind of mattress you can sleep like a baby and greet the morning with ease and exuberance.

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