Ways to reduce clutter from home

The fact cannot be denied that almost every single household faces the tough challenge of keeping the house clean and tidy and free from clutter. Whether it is the stack of daily bills or aged old projects and documents, clutter can be found in every corner of the house.

Most of the people assume that de-cluttering the home is a time consuming and cumbersome task. However, this is not true. By devoting few minutes every day, you can have your home free from clutter all the time. In addition, you shall also get to save your energy and time.

Here is a list of some easy and quick ways to reduce clutter from home –

1) Papers of varied kinds such as bills, documents, mails, etc are known to cause the maximum clutter, and hence demand attention. Assign a separate drawer to keep all sorts of mails, bills and documents in different stacks. Make it a habit to throw away bills, mails and other documents that you assume are of no use.

2) Try to go to paperless. Request all the bills to be received via electronic mail and try to limit your exposure to paper.Stay organized and ask family members to follow this. If every member keeps away his things, the home shall always stay free from clutter.

3) Store things efficiently so that they are located easily. Seasonal items should be stored on the highest shelves, and the daily use items should be kept within reach.

4) Introduce a dustbin in all parts of the house such as the bedroom, kitchen and the bathroom. Through this way, the clutter generated in a particular room will be disposed off in the room itself.

5) If you have an array of decorating items, segregate them into sections for display and keep away the rest. You can group collections based on colors, objects or theme. Light colored items look perfect in summers and the darker ones are ideal for the winter season.

6) Do not attach yourself to old clothes, shoes, accessories and make it a habit to donate. Assign a bag for rejected things and once it is full, visit a nearby charity center and donate it.

8) Make cleaning a part of your daily routine. On the first day, it might consume an hour or so, but from the next day onward it shall just demand a minute as you just need to take care of the new clutter generated.

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