Practical Ways To Reduce The Clutter In Your Home

Keeping the house clean and free of clutter is not an easy task, no matter how big or small or stylish your home is. At one point, clothes start to stack up on the chair, magazines on the coffee table and trash piles up on the desk. Follow these tips to make things easier for everyone.

Separate storage for mail and documents.

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When you get the mail don’t just throw it onto the table. Designate a separate drawer for these kinds of things or get a mail rack and install it on the entrance hallway. This way you’ll always know where to find the documents and they’ll stay organized.

Go paperless.

These days almost everyone pays their bills online so there’s no use to still receive the old fashioned bills. Less mail means less clutter in the house. Run the idea by the other family members. It’s practical and also green.

Put seasonal items on the higher shelves.

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This is one the basic things you need to know when organizing your storage. Seasonal items like Christmas and Halloween decorations should always go on the higher shelves while the things you use on a daily basis need to be within reach.

Put bins in all the rooms.

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Wouldn’t you agree that if you had a trash bin in the bedroom or home office the room would be cleaner? So, aside from the bins in the kitchen, put one in every other room, including the bathroom, bedroom, etc. they sure don’t look pretty but you can find ways to hide them.

Group up objects.

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One way to keep a room clean and organized is to arrange items in collections. For example, if you have decorative candles, put them all in one place. The mantel would be a nice choice. Organize items according to color or theme. Separate the summer items from the ones you use during winter.

Don’t get attached to personal items.

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A lot of people keep collecting clothes, shoes and accessories and they just pile up in the closet. Don’t get attached to them and throw away the old ones and the ones you don’t actually wear. Make it a habit to donate regularly. This way you keep your closet organized and you have a motif to go shopping more often.

Make cleaning a daily thing.

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If you clean up every day, just to maintain the house organized, then dust, clutter and trash won’t pile up and cleaning won’t seem like such a dreadful thing. It’s easier to spend a few minutes every day straitening up than a whole day every week.

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