Water Globe Air Freshener and Purifier

My kids are allergic to dust and feathers and chemicals in the food and a few other things. So I am a bit desperate to make my home an environment that is as clean as possible in order to keep them healthy. But dust is the major problem I have since I live in a city and my apartment is on the ground floor of a building that is situated near a heavy traffic road. Well, no matter how careful I am and what filters I use, I still have to open the windows for the morning air and after a few minutes the dust piles up on my furniture.

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Apparently now there is a way to get rid of it as some smart guys invented the Water GlobeĀ  Air Purifier and freshener. This is a magic globe that is filled with water and uses it for filtering the air in a room. So the water acts as a natural filters for the dust, the spores, the pollen and all the other harmful microscopic formation in the air. So you do not need any filters that you need to change regularly and which come only in one size and also no need for you to breathe the unhealthy air.

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It has more than one helpful feature, because it can also be used as a humidifier when the air in your house is too dry and also spreads a nice scent in the house. You actually can choose the scent and you will benefit from all these for only $70. Or at least this is the price on Sharper image.