Wallpaper – is it out or in

Wallpaper – Is it out or in? – This is one question that millions of people all across the globe confuse over every year.  And the strangest thing is, even though they have decided that whether they will go with or not, they still post the same question “Wallpaper – is it out or in”

To be very frank, nothing becomes “in” or “out” on its own. It’s we who make them “in” and “out”. Wallpapers have been used to dress the walls since 200 B.C. People all across the globe would use wallpaper to decorate their historic home or impart a particular period look to their house. The Victorians had a passion for wallpaper and used lots of it.

Faux paint finishes are definitely “in”, but they need to be applied in a professional and skillful way in order to avoid the amateurish look. However, exactly the same texture and effect can easily be achieved through the use of wallpapers. Wallpapers have also known to enrich the room as well as add elegance to it.

The thing that is out is the old design of the wallpapers like simple lines or checks. However, today wallpapers are available in a wide variety of textures, patterns and colors. You can choose between floral designs, geometrical patterns, landscapes, polka dots, plaids, and much more. Some of the latest wallpapers even boasts ribbons, sequence, lace and beads and hence adds more style and drama to the room. In addition, wallpapers are also available in texture. There are spit bamboo papers, cork, grass cloth and as well as 3D painted wallpaper with border.

On the practical side, wallpapers are an affordable way to create illusions and cover imperfections in the wall. Whether your wall has patched cracks, imperfect surface or old style paneling, you can easily cover it up with wallpaper. You can create a unique and distinct look in your home by clubbing painted surface with wallpaper. You can get all the walls of the room except one done in either paint or wallpaper and the left out wall can be done in one, which is not chosen for other walls. Wallpapers are no more limited for covering a wall. They look amazing on columns, and you may also apply cut pieces of wallpaper on lampshades, boxes and screens. It is up to your imagination and creativity to create a distinct look to your room.

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