Wall décor without leaving your home: how to decorate under a budget

When creating a home, there are obvious steps one must take. Finding a home, wall colors, furniture, filling the kitchen, etc. etc. etc. But what a lot of people forget are the wall decorations (well at least I forget this step). The walls of a home hold the personality of the space, and can turn a bland colorless slate into something remarkable.

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As for myself, I live in an apartment without the ability to paint. With a home full of blank walls, I see the need and desire to express myself more than say someone who has the option to paint. Either way, paintings, photographs, or even simple patterns transform a space.

To make this completely DIY and from your home, you should look around your house for photos or older pieces that would fit nicely in the space you’re decorating. On the other hand, you could create something from scratch with items from your home as well.

For example, I love to paint and thought that it just made sense to replicate something I saw online without buying it. Piece of cake project, honestly anyone can do this. I found a photo of an elephant that I liked because of its shape and traced it onto a piece of canvas that was lying around my house. I painted it the way I wanted and voila a piece of art. Because of its neutral coloring, it can be placed anywhere with anything.

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But where do you start?

Pick a color scheme, a theme, a pattern, an animal, literally anything and go! This project contains pure creativity and endless selections. You never know what a space’s potential is unless you put a little energy into it. Plus, who knows what you have lying around your home. {photo sources: sticksmbones, interior-inspiration, keriative, elinoreegg, fabfindings, touchoftea, decorare, Brooke Leone}