Vulcan Table Lamp

Lea Padovani and Sebastien Kieffer designed a table lamp that has a perforated brass lampshade and a wonderful Corian base for the Le Chance. Their creation is part of a collection called Jekyll & Hyde. This particular lamp along with the other ones from this collection represent the luxury furniture segment and their commercial mission is to attract design enthusiast of all ages that want uncompromising pieces in bold color schemes or unique design features and also the people who love and appreciate contemporary design that don’t stand out immediately as you’ve entered the room.

The interesting part behind this collection is that instead of making one piece that struggles to attract those two separate client segments they did one piece for each type of buyers; one piece that will definitely stand out for one particular segment. Therefore the first Vulcan model, the Jekyll comes in with a shiny brass lampshade and the Corian base and the second model, called the Hyde comes with a painted metal shade and a metal base.

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This dualism seems to be quite a recipe for success, the company managing to focus in the same time with basically the same product on two different tastes. I think they did the right thing here and did not risk making a product that will only be appreciated by one small part of the potential clients or worse they could have a product that was in the middle with features that no one would have liked them.

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Posted in Lighting on May 10, 2012

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