Vintage Toscana Bench

Benches are really practical pieces of furniture. They can be used indoors, as a seating space around a coffee table, even at a dining table, or outdoors, in the garden or on the deck or terrace. They can also be used as storage spaces, acting as a shelf on which different objects can be placed. Personally I’m not a fn of benches, I prefer individual chairs or stools. But I admit that benches can be really useful and functional.

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The Toscana Bench is a very nice piece of furniture. It’s a wood bench, with a very beautiful antique look. This was obtained using a 14-step process with hand-applied layers, hand distressing and hand burnished edges. It’s not an easy job but the result is quite remarkable. The dimensions of this piece of furniture are 88.5″ wide x 14″ deep x 18″ high. It’s not small but neither too big. It can be used both inside and outside. It’s a very resilient piece but you still have to be careful with it. Be sure to take it inside when it’s raining and try to avoid sun.

The Toscana Bench is a very beautiful piece of furniture. It has an A-frame and a very beautiful antique finish. The overall design is simple but elegant. Also, you can add the bench cushion that is sold separately for 370 euros.

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Posted in Outdoor on June 20, 2011

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