Vintage Tess Floral lamp shades

Things like lamps, clock, pendants or art pieces are the perfect way of integrating a different style into your home. Nowadays everything is modern. Still, some people also enjoy vintage pieces because they bring nice memories or simply because they like the elegance and the grace of those models.

This lampshade is an example of a very beautiful vintage piece. The Tess Floral Tapered Drum Lamp Shade has a very special and pleasant look. It features a vintage terra-cotta print and a burlap texture that together form a delicate and, in the same time, bright design. The lamp shade is available in three different sizes. The small version measures 13.5″ diameter, 8.5″ high, the medium one is 15″ diameter, 9.5″ high while the large version measures 17″ diameter, 10.5″ high. They all share the same design.

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These floral lamp shades will bring some fun and color into your home while not exaggerating. It features a soft cotton/linen blend and it’s offers soft light while exposing the outline of the lit bulb. The lamp would be a great addition in the living room, creating a more inviting and cozy look, or in the bedroom, where it would beautifully match with the comfortable style.Available for EUR43.34 – EUR58.03.

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Posted in Lighting on August 26, 2011

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