Vintage Suzani Blanket

If it’s winter or autumn or actually any season and you feel a bit cold, but you wouldn’t get in bed, you’d rather get a soft and thick blanket and cover yourself in it and you will immediately feel warmer and safer. This way you will be able to watch your favourite TV show without freezing. There are many different kinds of blankets that are bigger or smaller or made of wool, synthetics and so on. Basically they are very different , so there is a wide range for you to choose from. But for some reason I like vintage things, so this Vintage Suzani blanket is great for my taste.

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It is pretty thick and that means it is able to warm up any person even in Alaska. Any way, it is all cosy and brown, with interesting discreet yellow and red patterns and it is large enough to cover you (84″ x 136″). It is pretty old for a blanket or a throw, but it looks great considering the fact that it is about 40-60 years old. It was made in Uzbekistan, where making these woolen throws is a tradition for centuries and this is another special feature. You can now buy it for $795.