Vintage-chic campaign dining chair

These days we’re bombarded with all sorts of colorful and eye-catching products meant to attract us with their exterior aspect. It makes it so much difficult to make a choice. But sometimes it’s refreshing just to go to the simple and plain designs that offer quality and comfort and to forget about the invading multitude of eye-catching products.

This campaign dining chair is one of those minimalist pieces that provides only the strictly necessary features and nothing more. As you can see it has a very simple design, with a sturdy but sleek metal frame and wooden back and seat. It’s one of the few minimalist items of this kind that also has a chic vintage touch.

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It’s made from a combination of metal and wood and there are no additional details or decorative elements. It has a curvy back and a rounded and wide seat that come in a natural color with a glossy finish. The chair measures 91.4cm H, 48.2cm diameter and the seat is 45.7cm H.

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The colors might slightly differ from the ones shown in the pictures but that’s just a minor difference. This dining chair would be a nice addition to a simple dining room, maybe a traditional one or even a contemporary room with a vintage-antique décor. The piece is available for $198.

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Posted in Sofa and Chair on September 24, 2011

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