Dutch Doors Double The Charm Of Your Home With Their Divided Design

A Dutch door, also known as stable door or half door is a door that’s divided in half horizontally. This allows the bottom half to remain shut while the top half opens. Initially, it was designed to keep animals out of farmhouses or to keep children inside while allowing light and air to get through. It’s great for entries, kitchens, as well as for offices, nurseries, play rooms or workshops. The versatility of this design makes this type of doors more and more popular. Here are just a few examples showcasing Dutch doors.

A Dutch door is a wonderful choice for the mudroom. It keeps unwanted guests outside but still allows you to have an airy space thanks to all the fresh air and light coming through the upper portion of the door. It’s like having an extra window on that wall.

For this laundry room, a fresh, clean but also traditional décor was chosen. The Dutch door goes well with the farmhouse-style sink and the geometric pattern from the backsplash. It’s a clean and coherent décor and the Dutch door is not only in sync with the overall style but also adds some extra flexibility to the space.

A Dutch door is definitely a wonderful choice for the patio. It allows you to both connect and separate the kitchen and the rest of the indoor spaces from the actual patio. It’s great for creating a strong indoor-outdoor connection.

A living room with direct connection to the outdoor areas could also showcase the main benefits of having a Dutch door. It allows fresh air and light to fill the living room, clear views of the outdoor area while also maintaining some level of privacy and keeping animals outside.

This is a very beautiful entryway featuring a wonderful Dutch door. Not only that the door is painted red, a strong and vibrant color that allows it to stand out and to become a focal point of the façade and interior décor, but it also has an arched shape, an elegant detail that makes it even more beautiful.

This lovely beach house also has a Dutch door at the entrance. The façade is white with a little brown and blue, the brick floor has a natural color while the door is black. It stands out with its simple and elegant design and it’s a particularly good choice for a beach house as the views and the breeze are always welcomed inside.

This is a garage that was turned into a home office. It has a traditional, inviting décor and features a Dutch door that separates it from the rest of the house. The door is a clever choice as it allows for flexible transition from one room to another to occur. It seems like the most simple of elements can become the main focal points in a décor.

And we’re back to entryways and mudrooms, the most popular spaces for Dutch doors. Since the door leads right into the kitchen without the existence of a transitional hallway, the Dutch door is a nice way of maintaining a strong connection with the outdoors without completely exposing the inside of your home.

In this case, however, we have a hall separating the living room from the exterior. It’s a nice and relaxing space with a bench featuring a Dutch door on one side and the expansive outdoors on the other. The door is a nice and simple way of maintaining the connection with the hall and the semi-open space at the entrance.

We started with a mudroom and we’re going to finish with one as well. This space definitely enjoys all the benefits of a Dutch door. It’s not a particularly bright space since there aren’t a lot of large windows so the door brings some desired light and fresh air inside.

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Published by in Outdoor, on November 15th, 2012


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