Utuwa bathtub by Spiritual Mode

There are so many enticing new bathtub designs and colors available in the marketplace, many people arrive at a decision to buy a new bathtub. Here is a new project from Spiritual Mode, the Utuwa bathtub.This unique bath tub boasts lots of room and even more in the way of style. The original and unusual shape of this bathtub was inspired by the shape of the traditional Japanese dishes. They are also made of ceramics and offer people comfort and food.

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Bathtubs offer people comfort, too, but also relaxation and cleanliness. If you take a look at this wonderful collection of bathtubs you will realize they are also shaped like a lotus flower, the oriental symbol of perfect or even like a clover with a smaller end.

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Any way, the idea is that it has a different design with smooth curves that divide the bathtub into three distinct areas that interact perfectly. That makes them perfect for couples and also for decorative things like floating scented candles or flowers or maybe the soap and shampoo to place on that higher end.