Useful ways to breathe in life into old cabinetry

Home cabinets are considered to be an integral part of the home décor, as they serve the purpose of storing things. As they are subject to a lot of use, cabinets are known to wear down with time. In addition, it is not feasible to install new cabinets every time as they are expensive. Therefore, the best option always is to try to renovate the old cabinetry.  Renovating the old cabinets will bring life to them. Moreover, it shall also save you money and spruce up things.

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Paint the cabinets – Painting the old cabinetry with a fresh paint coat in good quality paint is always the best option. Try to select a different color all together instead of a similar color.  Assure that the cabinets are sanded before to remove old stains and finishes.

Reface the cabinets – If the structure of your cabinet is good then you may simply replace the cabinet fronts and old doors with new ones.

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Useful ways to breathe in life into old cabinetry– You can impart a fresh look to the cabinets by changing the hardware attached to the cabinet door. The hardware’s you can change are knobs and handles. You can select designs ranging from thin, minimalistic ones to curvy and intricate door pulls. Contemporary look can be imparted to the cabinets by selecting nickel, chrome, stainless steel or copper hardware.

Remove the doors completely – Open shelves are the latest trend in home décor. So a decorative touch may be added to the cabinets by completely removing the doors and allowing the dishware to boast themselves. Alternatively, you may also choose to add glass doors to the old cabinetry. When removing the doors or adding glass doors, paint the interior walls of the cabinets in a bright color. This shall provide a backdrop to the dishes.

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Add lighting to the cabinets - Adding lighting to the cabinets shall double up the ambience and increase the functionality of the cabinets. The lighting can be introduced either inside the cabinets or over the cabinets.

Add amenities to the cabinets – Cabinets that still boast a structural integrity, adding amenities to them shall enhance the décor and update the look. The amenities that you can add are display shelves, wine storage, plate rack, and more.

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