Useful Tips to Decorate your Living Room Area

The living room area of a house is one of the important rooms. This is the area that is responsible for creation of first impression on the visiting guests and relatives when they enter the home. It is the focal point of the entire house and some of the best times such as chatting with guests or friends, watching TV or relaxing in the sofa is spent here. Whether you properly decorate other parts of the house or not, but you have to decorate your living room area. It is not necessary that you need to spend excessively in order to decorate your living room area. With a combination of creativity, good taste, imagination, lamps and statues, any living room area can easily be transformed into an elegant space that speaks on its own.

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Below is a list of some useful tips to decorate your living room area –

1.Colors are known to have a direct psychological effect on the people and their mood. Choosing only whites and creams will give way to a monotonous look. It is always better to go for lively colors, but if you prefer light colors then get some contrast highlight done on an opposing wall. This will impart a contemporary look. Wallpaper borders also look stunning.

2.Living room area and furniture go hand in hand. If you are buying new furniture then go for small furniture instead of bulky ones. However, if you already have furniture installed, try to rearrange them in a different fashion.  Furniture arranged in off square angle look good. You can place a low chair with a table near the fireplace and create a cozy area.

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3.Try to use mirrors as they are known to create depth and illusion of space. However, you need to position it properly. The mirror should reflect something pleasing. For instance, mirror opposite bathroom or kitchen is completely wrong, whereas a mirror opposite to a wall painting is perfect.

4.All of us like to enhance the living room area with statues but some of us also tend to overcrowd the area with statues. Install few pieces. A simple vase or a bowl in a niche or on a shelf looks fascinating as well as elegant.

5.Try to use some area rugs. You can place nourison rugs in the complete sitting area or place one just under the table. They are known to enhance the room and are easy to change.

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  • mina says:

    my living room is big enough and ii have wall pannels , my furniture color is brown modern , how i color the room?