Useful Info on Kitchen and Bathroom Home Painting

This article will evolve around the topic of home painting the kitchen and the areas known to be wet. The most important rule inside a house is hygiene. With all the cooking, showering and laundry doing there are many surfaces that are left to the wetness discretion. But even so, these surfaces will have to be cleaned on periodical basis and as such you should check if the surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom can be cleaned.

In the last years, there wasn’t too much demand regarding the finishing coats inside kitchen and wet places. What was mostly used before was the satin acrylic finish, but nowadays the most popular one into the kitchen and other wet areas home painting is the qualitative low sheen. But others are of the opinion that the satin acrylic type will still remain the best to eliminate the grease that occurs in the kitchen area.

The satin is not as porous as the low sheen although it gives the impression of being a think layer once it is applied on the wall. But the finish touch is that of smoothness and pleasant to the eye of the beholder. When being applied is also a very ‘well behaved’ paint as it slides off the roller without too much effort.

But professional painters will always prefer low sheen for the brand new homes as the specifications of the materials used require so. The satin option is preferred for the bathroom home painting while for the kitchen space, the low sheen is quite OK to be applied.

In saying that I do still use low sheen in some circumstances, for instance brand new homes that I have to paint for a builder, because that’s what the specs demand. If it was my house I would go the satin option for my bathroom paint because I like my showers really hot and steamy.

Nowadays there is the trend to make kitchens simpler in decorative style with very few pieces and practical ones to fill in the space where you move to cook the daily meals.

The times with too much timber and blinds rolled over the windows are long gone, the modern kitchen lets the light from outside penetrate as much as it can the interior space in this way saving as much energy as possible. This is why the washable paint is used as long as the stains that are more visible now with so much empty space around need to be faster and easier washed away.

The same thing can be said about bathrooms and the laundry room, they all need to have surface easy to be cleaned this is the good tome to apply satin option when it comes to home painting these areas.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on October 12th, 2010


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