Simplicity And Beyond – How You Can Use Empty Frames As Wall Decor

Running low on wall art ideas? Maybe it’s time to rethink the concept and to simplify your approach. Empty frame wall art is an actual trend. You basically display empty frames on your walls, frames that complement the décor with their color and shape or that crate an aesthetically pleasing pattern.

Display empty frames above the fireplace mantel. Mix and match different shapes and sizes and make them stand out in your own way. On every special occasion, you can add a symbolic touch to the design like a wreath, a bouquest of flowers, etc.

Play with contrasts and combine light and dark colors. Here’s a mix of white and black frames with golden accents, just what the room needs to feel perfectly balanced and harmonious.

Because of the fact that empty frames are, well…empty and simple, you can use them in any room of the house without having to worry they won’t fit in the décor. Here’s how you can use frames to decorate a bathroom wall.

Just because framed artwork is usually mounted on the walls doesn’t mean you can’t think out of the box. It’s up to you to display the frames in a way as creative and interesting as possible. For example, you can let them simply lean against the wall in a casual way.

The whole idea behind this type of wall art is to let the frames stand out on their own without any help. For that to happen, you can mix and match different shapes and designs. Ornate frames can really pop in a simple décor.

Don’t feel obligated to only display empty frames. But if you want to preserve the simplicity of the design and concept, a nice option would be a mirror or two, just to break the monotony of the whole arrangement.

by Jeffrey Aron

One of the ideal places where you can display empty frame wall art is the bedroom. This is a room that needs to remain simple, relaxing and calm and painted artwork can often ruin everything if it’s too bold or dynamic.

You can display frames inside other frames to create interesting geometric designs and patterns. For an eclectic effect, mix and match different styles, colors and finishes.

If you use chalkboard paint on a wall and then display empty frames on it, you can fill in the spaces with original messages and drawings. A great way to change the ambiance every time you feel like it without reorganizing the room.

by Lindsay Nichols Photography

Gather a few empty frames, give them a makeover, a fresh coat of paint, then display them on the fireplace mantel. Simple, affordable and a project you can easily personalize.

by Greg Riegler Photography

Paint the frames a bold color to make a room with a neutral color palette pop. Love the way these frames match the vase on the dresses and the rest of the blue accent features in the room. Just the right amount of color a bedroom needs to look interesting and yet to remain comfortable and relaxing.

Published by in Interiors, on July 31st, 2014


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